Service Benefits

You maintain control of your divorce.

We hope you have noticed that we are not lawyer bashers. To the contrary, we have said that lawyers are an absolute necessity in many, if not most, divorce situations. However, where a married couple is able to work together for their mutual benefit, and where they have a reasonable measure of trust and the same access to information, most divorce issues can be resolved between them. By keeping the decision process "in house" the individuals are able to make important decisions which will affect them directly. You have a better understanding of your situation than anybody else does. With careful thought and discussion, and perhaps with mediation, you are best able to reach appropriate agreements to resolve your divorce issues.

Agreements may be easier to reach if you avoid litigation.

Litigation is, by definition, an adversarial process. This model of dispute resolution has a tendency to polarize the parties. The gap between husband and wife widens as each plots a strategy which will best position them for trial. Each party needs to make him or her self look good at the expense of the other. Each party may react to the other's changes of position by becoming less and less reasonable. These dynamics are an inevitable outcome of a system which fosters mistrust and discourages direct discussion of the issues. The "game" takes center stage and the issues become lost in the dust. The litigation process lasts months or years, and decisions are finally made by judges based on a few hours of hearing evidence, or by the parties reaching a last minute settlement which could, and should have been reached at the beginning of the process. By contrast, mediation seeks to resolve disputes in a cooperative manner and in a nonadversarial environment. The parties are personally involved in the process along with the mediator(s). They have direct input and control every step of the way. Solutions can be proposed, discussed, modified, and finally accepted or rejected in whole or in part. The goal in mediation is to work directly toward resolution of disputes with minimal conflict. Mediation can generally be accomplished in a few sessions. The resulting agreement is often more satisfactory to the parties because they crafted it themselves.

Hostility is reduced if litigation is avoided.

Natural byproducts of the litigation system are anger, acrimony, and mistrust. If you are able to shorten the process and come to agreements yourselves, you may actually be able to leave the relationship as friends, or at least, not as enemies. While reduced hostility is an important goal in any divorce situation, it is crucial when children are involved. The younger the children are, the more important civility becomes. It is axiomatic that children need both of their parents to be actively involved in their upbringing. Active co-parenting requires regular communication between the parents. It also requires mutual respect between the parents. Protracted litigation tends to make cooperative co-parenting more difficult. A fast, fair settlement tends to reduce the anger.

Divorce Direct provides a finished product, not a "kit".

Technical requirements of any Court system tend to be archaic and complex, although we acknowledge that this is changing as Courts become more user friendly. Our packages are delivered in a signature ready format. You handle the substantive decisions. We take care of the rest. Divorce Direct stands by you until the process is concluded. We complete any additional forms which may be required by the Court.

Divorce Direct is going to save you money.

We charge $250.00 for a package which does not involve children and $300.00 if children are involved. Revisions which are required by your error or change of mind are subject to a charge which is assessed on a case by case basis with your prior approval. Divorce Direct stands by you until the process is concluded. You will find those charges to be reasonable.Your Court costs (filing fees) and service of process charges are the same as they would be if you were represented by an attorney.