We are not going to tell you that we can make the divorce or legal separation process a pleasant experience. We are not able to do that. Complex emotions and fears are usually associated with the process to a greater or lesser extent. The easiest situations may be those in which a childless couple has been separated for a long time. The most difficult situations involve couples who have children or insufficient resources to establish a second residence, and those who have suffered the insult of adultery or the trauma of battering.

We can tell you, though, that a hard-fought contested divorce is always a difficult and expensive endeavor. If you are able to work with your spouse to reach your own divorce agreement, we can handle the rest.

We are not selling "kits" because we do not think that they work. There is no such thing as a "generic" divorce or legal separation. Every State has different procedural and substantive requirements. Every couple has different needs. Your package will be specific to your State, and your family. This double level of customization insures that your submission to the Court will be acceptable in form and content.

When you purchase divorce forms and pleadings from Divorce Direct, you receive original documents ready for your signature and filing with the Court. Your package will be uniquely tailored to your situation.

There is no such thing as a generic divorce.To accomplish our goal of providing complete and current documents, we have engaged the services of paralegals and researchers throughout the country. We keep current through our continued relationship with our State researchers and paralegals, and we update daily.

Your package will include a file number which permits you access to our dedicated customer service email box. We generally ship within ten days of receipt of your completed questionnaire.