Customer Reviews

I just want to take a moment to provide a testimonial. I used your service to prepare divorce papers. Today, I successfully obtained a divorce decree from the Family Court in Boston, Massachusetts. The entire cost was under $500, including your fee for document preparation and the court filing fee. It made a somewhat painful process that much easier. As Shakespeare said: "the first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."


I wanted to thank you for the divorce forms as they made the divorce much easier. It took my now ex-wife quite a long time to get the forms back to me, but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. It did save me quite a lot of money and I appreciate that very much. Once again, thanks for the wonderful service. What did we ever do before the internet?


Dear Carmen,
I would like to thank you for all your help and work. I went to the San Fernando Courts last week. I filed for the divorce, turned around and had my husband served by the Sheriff, we sat and signed all the papers, and I went back in and filed the final paperwork. All in 3 hours. … The clerks were pretty amused I could get it all done in one afternoon. So far, so good. Thank you again.

R. W.

 Love to all of you for all of your help, support, and kind words, they will not be forgotten.

S. H.
North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know that my divorce was finalized yesterday and every thing worked one. Thanks again for taking a moment of your time and just wanted to say overall I am very pleased with using your service as I could not have afforded to send several grand on a lawyer.

Have a great day,


 Thank you very much for your quick and professional service. I received my papers from you in 3 days as promised. We were divorced on the following Friday. I cannot express the peace of mind your service gave me by you filling out our Divorce papers from the detailed questionnaire sent to us. I will definitely refer anyone who needs legal papers to you.

R. Z.

 I have already received my documents and divorce has been filed. I could not download them as I do not have printer, so had them fed ex to me. Thank you for your concern. I just want to take a moment to tell you how complete the documents were, with no mistakes. Had no problem at all with the court assistant. Thanks again. All should be done for me by Oct. 25 at the latest. I once again want to thank you so much for all you have done for me, and the money you saved me. thanks


"You did an excellent job on the materials. Again, thank you for your patience with me and for being so detailed in your explanations. You definitely understand how us lay people out here can be overwhelmed with the bureaucracy."

Ms. KM

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the service you provide. My divorce went to court this week and while the other 4 cases pending at the time all had issues with their paperwork (mostly the financial statement on the wrong form), the package you prepared for me was 100% complete and less a 120 day waiting period for the final judgment to be entered my divorce flew through the court without a hitch. Although I don't want to see my friends go through the divorce process, I'd definitely recommend your services to anyone that finds themselves in that position."

Mr. B

"Thank you. You guys were speedy and clear. Thank you."

Mr. W

"I do not like filling out forms however in this case I must speak. You have a well defined product. Everything I need to file for divorce was included in the papers .... I must admit that I was skeptical at first, a divorce for such a reasonable price in such a quick time. However, you have certainly laid my fears to rest and I would recommend your product to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstances I had found myself. Once again I am grateful that a company such as yours exists, although it was under unfavorable circumstances that I do business with you, you made a difficult time a little more bearable."

Mr. W
New Jersey

"The site was very easy to read and follow. No need to improve it...... When I called David, I was confused and frustrated [by a file transfer problem]. I demanded my money back. David explained to me in a very professional and soft spoken way what the problem was. He gave me a choice to either send the questionnaire to him or he would give me my money back. In a way he calmed me down. I chose to send the questionnaire. The forms came back and I filed them without a problem."

Ms. A

"It was a very simple, timely process, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone."

Ms. O

"The service was very useful. It helped save a lot of money."

Ms. C

"As a professional in the software/entertainment fields, I am very impressed with You and your staff have done outstanding work communicating a feeling of complete and accurate information, along with providing to your users a feeling of compassion. I had the opportunity to speak with you some months ago and experienced from you what is missing in most "web-based" experiences..... that of a friendly voice at the other end of the phone."

Mr. W

"Thank you, your service was most satisfactory!"
Ms. K

"Thank you for helping us and for being so thorough in providing all pertinent information needed to obtain an uncontested divorce. Divorce is always so stressful and painful, but when you don't have to hassle with unnecessary questions, etc., it helps keep the proper perspective. You have an excellent team. I also want to commend Carmen for being so willing to help when I needed immediate turn around. She is an extraordinary person with excellent people skills. She is definitely the right person for the job!"
Ms. M

"An easy site to find and an easy site to use. I have already recommended you to a friend in another state who has visited your web site and deemed it a viable option. For an uncontested situation, I think everyone should at least visit your site to see for themselves if it will work for them before calling an attorney."
Ms. B