Marital Mediation

A few words about Mediation
In many cases, divorcing couples find that mediation can be an effective form of dispute resolution. Mediation centers and independent mediators are available in every state. Some mediators specialize in marital mediation, others involve themselves in various types of dispute resolution. In any event, divorce related experience is important if you need somebody who can help with issue identification and creative resolution.

Mediation models and methods vary. In some cases one mediator is involved. In other cases a pair of mediators act together so that each of the parties has an ally in the negotiations. In every case, the divorcing couple is able to discuss their issues in a structured, safe environment. Usually, where a professional (and often state certified) mediator is used, and the parties are motivated, even the most difficult issues can be resolved through mediation.

If you use a mediator, please let us know about your experience. We would like to add a directory of mediation services to our site, and we would like to know which mediation services are most effective.