10 Best Reasons

Since we started our business in early 1999, a variety of imitators have come along. We should be flattered. But we want to help you to understand what sets us apart from the pack, and why you should use our service. Please consider these factors when you make your choice.

1) Divorce Direct is concerned about your case and your situation.
On our home page and throughout the site, we emphasize that Divorce Direct is not right for everybody. We go to great lengths to point out that many people require an attorney to handle their divorce. If there has been domestic violence in your home, you probably need an attorney. If you do not believe that your spouse will treat your children well you need an attorney. If you do not understand your finances, use an attorney. No documentation preparation service is right for you.

We believe that we are an excellent alternative for many people, and that we produce excellent work. But you need to make careful choices. Make sure that your case is one that can be appropriately handled by a document preparation service. Then choose the service that cares enough about you to be honest about its limitations: Divorce Direct.

2) Divorce Direct form packages are specifically tailored for your unique circumstances.
We are not selling "kits" because we do not think that they work. There is no such thing as a "generic" divorce or legal separation. Every state has different procedural and substantive requirements. Every couple has different needs. Your package will be specific to your State, and your family. This double level of customization insures that your submission to the Court will be acceptable in form and content.

3) Divorce Direct Does Not Rely Too Heavily On Automation.
Many document preparation sites use too much automation. That is a good thing for them. It increases their profits. When you use Divorce Direct, your documents will be prepared by an experienced human document production specialist. When the document package is complete, it is proofread by another experienced person. We do not simply spit out the information that you give us. Critical thinking is involved.

4) Divorce Direct is reliable.
We were a Better Business Bureau member in good standing. The Better Business Bureau seal appears on each page of our site. You can contact your local Better Business Bureau or ours for information concerning our business, its ownership, and its history, or simply click on our Better Business Bureau seal to get that information. Our Better Business Bureau membership assures that accurate information concerning our business practices is available to you. You are also assured that any disputes or difficulties which may arise will be handled in a prompt, fair, and courteous manner. Our Better Business Bureau membership is expensive, but we think that it is important. There are plenty of ways to be "ripped off" on the internet. That will not happen to you on this site. We will never give you reason to question our integrity.

5) Divorce Direct protects your privacy.
Divorce Direct was a member of the Better Business Bureau Online Privacy Program. To earn that second Better Business Bureau seal we needed to submit our Privacy Statement to the Better Business Bureau for review and approval. The Privacy Statement is on out site, or you can click on the BBB Online Privacy Seal to find it. Simply put, we will NEVER share your personal information with anyone. Our files, both paper and electronic are secured. We have thought about this issue. The others have not.

6) Divorce Direct will refund your money if you change your mind before the completed package is shipped.
As with software and videos, our product is easily copied. Accordingly, we will not give refunds after a package is shipped. That is the point at which all sales are final. Be assured though, that if you order our product and then change your mind for any reason prior to shipment, your money will be refunded. There will be no arguments, and no questions asked. No other site that we are aware of gives you that assurance, or even mentions the issue.

7) Divorce Direct is accessible to you.
Divorce Direct posts its telephone numbers on the site. If you have questions or concerns about using the service, call us. You will find a friendly human voice on the other end of the telephone. We will help you to decide whether a document preparation service is right for you. Also, although we never give legal advice, we are here to help you understand the questionnaire and our process. Divorce may be complicated and many issues are involved. Without giving legal advice, we can help you identify the issues and suggest how you might reach agreements.

8) Divorce Direct provides you with a high quality product, and more.
When you purchase divorce forms and pleadings from Divorce Direct, professional quality, state-specific documents ready for your signature and filing with the Court. Divorce Direct also provides its customers in most states with a Word disk or a ZIP file containing the text documents in their package so that those who feel comfortable doing so may make their own revisions.

9) Divorce Direct guarantees its work.
State divorce laws change from day to day. Divorce Direct works diligently to keep its product current. Divorce Direct guarantees that documents purchased from us will be acceptable in form to the Courts in the jurisdiction for which they are intended. Any modifications to documents purchased from Divorce Direct which are required by changes in any jurisdiction's procedure will be made free of charge.

10) You get what you pay for.
Choose the best.