Document Automation

We like it a lot. And we use it. But automation has its limits, and those limits are important.

In our opinion, some divorce preparation services have taken automation way too far. Those services use robot processors to complete your forms. You input your information on line, and the robot completes the forms with your data. Often, there is no human involvement at all. This is a very efficient and highly profitable production method. But it is not always accurate because robots are not capable of critical thinking. That may be an important problem in any particular case.

When you order your documents from Divorce Direct, they will be prepared by an actual human being. Our productionists have completed thousands of divorce documents. They are trained to get it right. They will correct your spelling and they will catch your typos. If something on your questionnaire does not seem to make sense, or if information is omitted from your questionnaire, our people will ask you for clarification.

After your package has been completed by our productionist, our proof reader will review it carefully. We try to catch and fix any errors before the package leaves our office.