Welcome to Divorce Direct. Please take a few minutes to explore our site. If you are contemplating a divorce or legal separation, or if you and your spouse have made the decision to go ahead with one, we may be able to make the next few months easier for you.

This site was launched in 1999. It is owned and operated by a licensed attorney with more than twenty years of family law experience. We have produced more than ten thousand divorce document packages for families throughout the country. Based on that experience, we know that many couples can handle their own divorce from start to finish without the assistance of an attorney.

If you decide that Divorce Direct is right for you, we can help you keep control of your life. You will make the important decisions. We can help you minimize the anger and hostility that are associated with the adversarial nature of the litigated divorce. If you have children, reduced hostility may help you leave the marital relationship with a better attitude toward coparenting. Finally, if you are able to utilize this service, we can save you a very substantial sum of money.

You need to be well acquainted with your family finances. If you think that your spouse has concealed assets, we ask you not to use our service. If you are concerned that your spouse does not, or will not treat your children well, you need an attorney. If you are a battered spouse, you need an attorney because you cannot be on equal footing with a batterer during negotiations.

We handle only uncontested divorces and uncontested legal separations. We do not give legal advice or counsel. We do not provide legal representation under any circumstances. You make the decisions. We complete the proper forms and pleadings for submission to the Court. We encourage mediation as an alternative means of dispute resolution.

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